What We Do

Assisting our communty with medications, medical supplies, medical equipment and healthcare resources and referrals.

Programs We Offer

Compassionate Care

Anyone can find themselves needing help to get the care they need. Third Street Clinic provides a compassionate response and a helping hand when our neighbors need us most. We provide direction and support so our clients can get the services they need to get well and stay that way.
  • Eligibility Requirements
    Third Street Clinic services are available for those who meet the required criteria.
  • Information & Referrals
    TSC is here to advocate for our clients and help them access the services they may qualify for that will improve their quality of living.

Prescription Assistance

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Third Street Clinic, in association with Inspire Pharmacy, offers affordable access to prescription and over-the-counter medications and supplements. There is a cost of $5.00/per medication/supplement

If you cannot afford the $5.00 fee, you may be eligible for assistance to cover this fee on on or all medications/supplements.

Individuals who meed eligibility criteria are assisted for a gap-period until a long-term solution is identified and/or program compliance.

At Third Street Clinic some medications, over-the-counter or supplements are not eligible for assistance. See staff for exemptions and/or exclusions. Third Street Clinic is funded by grants and donations and funding resources may not permit assistance with some medications/supplements or during time of request.

Generic medications will be administered unless brand-specific is required

Eligibility Requirements

Third Street Clinic services are available for those in the community who meet the following criteria:

  • A resident of the greater Grand Forks/East Grand Forks community.
  • Have an individual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.
REQUIRED to complete application:
  • Current prescription of current refill. we DO NOT provide prescriptions, these are to be provided by your healthcare provider. We can transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy to Inspire Pharmacy. If it is a scheduled drug, your provider will need to provide a faxed, emailed or paper prescription, i.e. Suboxone, Hydrocodone, etc.
  • Form of Identification - Photo ID: Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Visa.
    If your address is not current, a copy of your lease, or a current utility bill addressed to yourself or the head of your household. If you are homeless or between homes, a letter from the mission or person where you are staying or caseworker.
  • Proof of Income: Last 2 pay stubs, income tax return or SS/SSDI statement
  • Unemployed: Letter from Job Service or case worker
  • Insurance: If you have insurance, and need assistance with copay, a copy of the actual insurance card
We ask that clients complete an application form to help us assist them better and to satisfy demographic requirements. Clients of TSC may be asked to renew their application every 6-months to verify eligibility for our services. A follow up call may be made to see if further assistance and/or additional services are needed or if long-term assistance has been provided by other means.
Third Street Clinic cannot assist with:
  • Emergency room and Urgent care visits
  • Appointments with specialists
  • Rehabilitation services
  • All hospital of clinic services
  • All Radiological or lab work including STI/STD testing, pregnancy tests
  • Outside pharmacies. We CAN transfer current prescriptions from outside pharmacies to Inspire Pharmacy.

Program Application

Please fill out the form below and bring it to our clinic when finished.

Third Street Clinic: 360 Division Ave, Suite 101 • Grand Forks, ND 58201

Care Coordination

Third Street Clinic maintains community relationships with a variety of social service and healthcare providers. Access to prescription medications is necessary but more is needed to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors in need.

We can assist our clients with access to a variety of services and support that are available to help them manage their own health more effectively by connecting them with services across North Dakota, Minnesota and nationally.

The network of care providers and services can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate without assistance. TSC is here to advocate for our clients and help them access the services they may qualify for that will improve their quality of living.
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