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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes is how we tell the human stories behind the numbers we report. We ask Third Street Clinic clients if we can photograph their shoes. They then write their own caption, saying whatever they want – sometimes they talk about what brought them to TSC, and sometimes they just say “thanks.”

Client Stories

image of Mark
Mark is a lifelong resident who works for local farmers. He came to us with a weeping rash that couldn’t be treated with over the counter medicines. He was between seasonal jobs, and was worried that without treatment it would become infected and impair his ability to work. We were able to get him an appointment with a medical provider, and then assist him with the cost of his medications through Inspire Pharmacy. He says without the help he received from Third Street Clinic, he would have had to wait until the problem became worse, and then gone to Emergency Care.
Image of Mitchell
Mitchell broke a molar, and was experiencing swelling that caused him considerable pain. He recently moved to the area and had no dental coverage. He contacted Third Street Clinic, where he was provided a referral to emergency dental services at no cost to him. Because of the services of our dental partners, he was able to take care of the problem before it caused long term damage to his health. Because he is struggling financially, Mitchell was very grateful for the help provided.
Image of Jan
Jan is a grandmother on medical assistance, but due to a technical problem beyond her control she was unable to re-fill her prescription. She needed her medication to control seizures, and was very worried she would be caught without. Jan came to Third Street Clinic to ask for assistance in obtaining her medication. We were able to give her a referral to Inspire Pharmacy who provided her with enough medication to fill the gap in her coverage. Her relief at finding help brought her to tears.
Image of Jeff
Jeff is a single dad with three teenagers. He works full time at a local salvage yard and makes $45,000 per year and has health insurance. Jeff developed a toothache with swelling and needed to see the dentist. His insurance plan doesn’t cover dental. He was eligible for Third Street Clinic’s emergency dental services. Jeff saw a dentist and then an oral surgeon removed the bad tooth – at no cost to Jeff. All this is possible because of the partnership Third Street Clinic has with generous local providers.
Image of Hilton
Hilton is a retired farmer who went to the driver’s license bureau to renew his license. He was surprised to flunk the vision test. Hilton lives on social security and some land rent and was frustrated because he couldn’t afford new glasses. He was afraid he would lose his independence. Without transportation he would need to move to “the city” and away from the only home he had even known. Third Street Clinic helped him with an exam and made sure he had the exact glasses he needed to correct his vision so he could continue to live an independent, productive life.
Image of Ashley
Ashley’s mother called in April to say her daughter had just turned 18 and had to apply for her own medical assistance – which she had done. However, the applications were backed up and they were told to expect a six-week delay. Ashley has ADD and has been successfully treated for two years now. She was in the middle of studying for finals and she had no medication. The family earned just under $40,000 last year and couldn’t afford this additional cost. Third Street Clinic provided Ashley with her medication for an $8 co-pay. She was able to graduate, and start her CNA training in June, thanks to our donors and partner providers.
Image of Jennifer and her mom and baby
Jennifer moved here from Alaska with her 3-month old daughter and her mother. They were staying at a cheap hotel looking for work. The baby had developed thrush that had spread to Jennifer as well. Third Street Clinic got them to a primary care provider and helped them get the medication they needed for a $5 co-pay per prescription. Eight weeks later, Jennifer reported to us that she had been working for Sam’s Club for two weeks, and expected her first paycheck soon. She and her family now have full health coverage and an apartment of their own. They still come to Inspire Pharmacy to fill their prescriptions through their insurance.

“We are so grateful! Finally, help after so many sleepless nights!”
Image of Ray
Ray was born with birth defects which have impaired his reading, writing and walking ability. He receives Expanded North Dakota Medical Assistance which does not cover any dental services. Recently Ray has struggled with extreme dental issues resulting in pain and insomnia. Ray had lost his job but has been able to live with his sister in the meantime. Ray’s sister called to say how grateful they were to receive help after many sleepless nights.
Thank you, Dr. Tanabe and Valley Oral & Facial Surgery for donating Ray’s oral surgery to the Third Street Clinic Emergency Dental program! Third Street Clinic relied upon our partnerships to organize Ray’s hospitalization for oral surgery to remove his remaining teeth which had become infected. Thanks to the work of Jill Cormier, Altru Health System will be donating hospitalization for the services Dr.Tanabe is providing. Ray is on the Donated Dental Services list for dentures since December 2015. The waiting list has gone from 1 to 1 ½ years. Ray will need to adjust his lifestyle with special diets to accommodate for the lack of teeth, until assistance is available.
Image of Time
This past December, 2015, Timothy sustained a severe head injury in a car accident. Thankfully Timothy survived and was able to be discharged with 120 staples in his head. In order to prevent blood clotting, continued medication was needed. Altru Hospital staff and Timothy’s family contacted Third Street Clinic and arrangements were made to provide the necessary medications. Timothy’s fiancée said, “He knows he needs this. I can’t tell you how grateful we are.”
Image of Dakota
Dakota is a young man who, while in between jobs, was helping his father out with some cleaning. Some solvent got in his eye which he flushed out immediately. A co-worker told Dakota’s mom about Third Street Clinic. They came in and an appointment was arranged for later that day. Thanks to the Third Street Clinic prescription program, he was able to receive the eye ointment for his infection. Third Street Clinic was especially happy to be able to assist him this December, 2015.
Image of Curtis
Curtis was in such pain that he thought he might die. He did not have insurance or money, and several of his teeth (which had broken off at the gums) were infected and in need of dental attention. A friend’s suggestion led him to Third Street Clinic, where he met Rita. Rita helped make sure that he was seen by an oral surgeon as soon as possible to remove the broken teeth. He was then provided with dentures. Now Curtis smiles and talks like he never did before. “Third Street Clinic’s impact on my life was huge,” said Curtis.
Curtis’s story is just one of the many from our Walk A Mile In My Shoes collection. We post the photos and quotes on our Facebook page and have been surprised by how many clients look for their post. We encourage you to “like” our page and watch for the inspiring stories of the people we serve and the work we do.
Image of Alice
Alice is a hard-working Grand Forks mom and grandmother. Third Street Clinic has been able to assist her with medications over the past several years. Alice made trips to Larimore to be seen medically at Valley Community Health Center and is very happy that she can now see her provider in Grand Forks. Third Street Clinic is able to assist her with emergency dental and she will be able to contact Valley Community Health Center for partial dentures. It had been five years since Alice has had glasses prescribed and it’s getting hard for her to see.
An eye exam was arranged through the Third Street Clinic vision program. The Third Street Clinic vision program will also provide Alice with new glasses. At their last visit, Rita at Third Street Clinic was happy to hear that Alice was able to get into the Grand Forks Housing Authority senior living. The peace and quiet provides the rest that is sorely needed!
Image of James
Fifty-six year-old James appeared weary and dirty as he walked into Third Street Clinic. While sharing his story, James paused several times to swish water around in his mouth. He said it was the only thing that slightly relieved the tooth pain he’d had for several days. James’s jaw was swollen, and he hadn’t slept the past two nights due to pain. James hadn’t wanted to take time off from his construction job, nor did he have dental insurance or transportation, so his employer sought out TSC and drove James to our office. TSC called a partnering dentist’s office, who agreed to see James that afternoon to start antibiotics and arrange for tooth extraction with a partnering oral surgeon. James became tearful and said, “Thank you” several times before leaving.
Image of Mary
Mary and her three-year-old daughter stopped by Third Street Clinic on a hot, humid afternoon in July. Mary, who was seven months pregnant and had asthma, ran out of her nebulizer medication two weeks earlier and just used the last puffs of her rescue inhaler. Her husband had been laid off from his previous job, and insurance hadn’t yet started at his new job. Mary had tried rationing her medications, but the hot, humid summer and a home without air conditioning were taking their toll. Third Street Clinic provided Mary with medication vouchers to use at a participating pharmacy so she–and her baby–could breathe and rest easier.
Image of Barb
Barb has a bouncy, unstoppable personality. She also has COPD which makes infections very difficult for her to deal with. Since 2006, Third Street Clinic has teamed up with Altru to provide medical appointments and participating dentists and oral surgeons to keep Barb out of the emergency room. The participating Grand Forks pharmacies have helped make it possible for Third Street Clinic to help Barb get her necessary medications. Barb tells us all the time—“I love you. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Third Street Clinic. Thank you for always being there for me.”
Image of Vincent
Vincent timidly approached Third Street Clinic in 2014. He had been diagnosed HIV positive as a child and was needing to stay on two prescriptions. He had heard about the Ryan White program but was concerned about approaching them. Third Street Clinic helped Vincent contact the program case manager in Grand Forks at the Public Health Department. This program is in place to give confidential supportive services to North Dakota low income residents living with HIV or AIDS. Third Street Clinic was in contact with Social Services on Vincent’s behalf in the meantime. Thanks to a generous medication grant, Third Street Clinic was able to assist Vincent so that his important medications were not interrupted. Vincent appreciated not only the medications, but getting a listening ear and being able to talk about the problems that people have. He said, “Third Street Clinic is remarkable at what it does.”

Miracle On Third Street

About The Event

The Miracle on Third Street event is designed to gather our volunteers and recognize the great work they have done over the last year. It is a time to celebrate our partners and honor community members who helped us serve our mission.

Past Hockenberry Award Recipients include:
  • 2010 – Maureen Larson
  • 2010 – Maureen Larson
  • 2010 – Maureen Larson
  • 2010 – Maureen Larson
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