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Thank You Hope Evangelical Covenant Church!

Sincere thanks to the congregation of Hope Evangelical Covenant Church for their very generous donation to Third Street Clinic. We are proud to work together with Hope Church to serve our neighbors in need. We are grateful for the consistent support we receive from our local faith community. We couldn’t do our work without you….
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TSC Expands Eligibility to 200% of the Poverty Level!

This month the Third Street Clinic Board of Directors agreed to expand eligibility from 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to 200% of those same guidelines. What does that mean for the community? Here’s some examples: A family of 1 can earn up to $23,540 and still be eligible for assistance with prescriptions, eye glasses…
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Special Thank You to Dr. Erlandson

Dr. Erlandson’s office squeezed in an emergency dental appointment at the end of their day yesterday for a Third Street client. His symptoms indicated to them the necessity to be seen right away. One his way out, he couldn’t stop repeating, “Thank you so much!” This was by no means an isolated event. Many thanks…
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